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    Lectures on Anatomy: Spring Course, William Hunter
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    Apparently in hand of T. Cawley, whose name appears in every volume. A few of the lectures were given by William Cumberland Cruickshank (1745-1800) who became assistant to William Hunter (1718-1783) and later his partner in the Windmill Street School. Vol. 1. The vascular system in general. 164 pp. Vol. 2. The bones of the skeleton and the skin. 179 pp. Vol. 3. The muscles, & male organs. 188 pp. Vol. 4. Muscles of the superior extremeties, abdominal viscera, & female organs of generation. 187 pp. Vol. 5. The kidney, thoracic duct and absorbents, blood vessels, heart and lungs, with the circulation. 191 pp. Vol. 6. The physiology & diseases of the intestines, brain, nerves, and organs of sense. 189 pp. Vol. 7. The operations of surgery. 198 pp. Vol. 8. The gravid uterus. 188 pp.
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    8 vols
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    Purchased from Sotheby's June 1906
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    Institutional records closed for 20 years after creation. Open access after 20 years