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    "Sarah Wigges hir booke. Live Wel, dye never. Dye wel, live ever."
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    Stamped with the name "Sarah Wigges". A most interesting collection of medical receipts. On page 100 is a receipt for "A swift medicine for an ague, by Dr. Gulston," and on pages 332-336 are "Annotations and practicall receipts and processes taken out of Basil Valentin his Triumph wagon of Antimony." Pages 340-345 contain "Receipts out of ye breviary of health compiled by Andrew Boord, Do in Phisick, on Englishman, imprinted at London 1587." There are a few remedies from Dr. Pratt and Nich. Culpeper. Pages 340-484 and 574-619 are in a later hand than the rest of the MS. Towards the end of the volume there are 53 pages (with separate pagination) devoted to cookery receipts. These appear to be in the handwriting of "Mo. Wigges" who is, apparently, the daughter of the first owner of the book. There are indexes both at the beginning and at the end of the volume Index References: Prescriptions Recipes Wigges (M.) Goulston (Theodore), 1572 - 1632 Culpeper (Nicholas), 1616-1654 Valentine (Basile) Boorde (Andrew), 1500 (?) - 1549 (?) Pratt (Dr.)
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    305 ff.
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    Bequeathed by Dr. D. Lloyd Roberts, 1920.
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